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About the project

During 20 years of working in real estate Moscow I often saw how people from different countries use the same terms differently – this situation creates misunderstandings and disagreements.

My wife, Svetlana, and I have created this dictionary to help create a common understanding of key terminology.

The definitions have been checked by many of our leading experts in each specialization – we are thankful for their assistance. We would also like to thank Katya Krylova for her help and Olga Lobacheva, who helped with many translations and has been project manager for this website.

To make the dictionary more useful, we are interested in making the definitions clearer and more detailed. We also want to add new terms that are important for our work.

Thus we want to receive your suggestions for adding words and improving this dictionary and website.

Please send them to me at

We are creating an Android and iOS mobile app of this dictionary. When it is ready we will announce it here on this website.

Best wishes for success through high quality work!

Yours truly, Darrell Stanaford